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Live a life you never dreamed you could.

We empower our clients and their families to strive for their highest potential, pursue their passions, and live lives they never dreamed possible.

FSL empowers individuals with disabilities to discover their passions, participate in their communities, live their unique purpose, and move toward independence and freedom.


Waiver Programs

FSL offers Supported Community Connections through the SLS and DD medicaid waivers. In a joyful and creative environment we provide opportunities for individuals to discover their passions, contribute to their communities, and live their unique purpose.

Independent Living Services

The Landing @ FSL was developed to offer a structured three-tier system to include education, training and supports to allow a person with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to live independently in their community.

Employment Programs

At FSL, our goal is for our clients to work to their highest potential. FSL employment specialists work with job seekers to guide them through every step of the employment process, from determining vocational goals through finding jobs that match interests and abilities.

Transition Services

The Transition Program at FSL creates new opportunities and experiences to progress students from a school-based educational program to a community based learning environment.

Live a life you never thought possible.

By cultivating personal relationships, creating meaningful opportunities, and providing individual support, we empower our clients and their families to live lives they never dreamed possible.

FSL Clients

At FSL, our clients want to live their higher purpose and create a life of possibilities.

As partners in their growth, we meet our clients where they are, empower them to strive for their highest potential, and show them they can do things they never dreamed they could.

FSL Families

Families with developmentally disabled members want their loved ones to gain independence and freedom.

By cultivating personal relationships and providing meaningful opportunities, FSL encourages individuals to discover their passions, live their purpose, and create a live of possibilities.

Community Engagement

Communities are at their best when all members feel valued and contribute in meaningful ways.

At FSL, we create meaningful  and relevant volunteer opportunities and experiences that enhance the lives of our clients and allow them to give back to their community.

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