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Pre-Employment Transition Services Colorado Springs

Foundation for Successful Living has partnered with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide the “PreETS” program. The PreETS program further develops an awareness of career and educational opportunities, provides the general skills needed for employment success, and the self-advocacy skills needed as an individual prepares to exit secondary education and enter the workforce.

The PreETS program focuses of 5 key elements:

  • Job exploration
  • Counseling on post secondary education 
  • Instruction in self advocacy,
  • Work based learning experiences, and
  • Work place readiness training

This program is available to students with Disabilities age 15‐21 that are enrolled in secondary education with an IEP or 504 Plan.

Our PreEts program uses a combination of web-based learning and experiential opportunities to provide the individual with the foundations needed to move forward in employment. Foundation for Successful Living uses the web-based curriculum includes:

  • Developing and strengthening Executive Functioning skills to increase the probability of success 
  • Learning problem solving skills for successful communication with employers and co-worker
  • Job and Interest exploration so individuals can determine what job or interest best fits their abilities

Our experiential learning includes:

  • Practice interviews with individuals in the field
  • Opportunities to shadow employees in various workplaces
  • Volunteer opportunities to gain valuable hands on experience and strengthen their resume

If you are interested in discovering your passions and aligning them with job a opportunity in the community, please contact us at 719-227-3939

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