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If you are interested in your young adult taking part in this program, please contact Missy, at 719-433-5002. You can also contact the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS)

Foundation for Successful Living has partnered with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide the “PETS” program. These services are provided to students with disabilities to further develop an awareness of career and education opportunities, the general skills needed for employment success in any field, and the skills needed to appropriately advocate for themselves as they prepare to exit secondary education and enter the workforce or other post-school activities.

The program focuses on 5 key elements:

  • Job Exploration
  • Counseling on Post Secondary Education 
  • Instruction in Self Advocacy
  • Work Based Learning Experience- 160 hours of a paid internship
  • Work Place Readiness Training

Students who are eligible:

  • Between 15-21 years old
  • Eligible for, and receiving, special education or related services (IEP)
  • Individual with a disability, for purposes of Section 504


Employment Services

Employment Services Foundation for Successful Living is an approved vendor for DVR to perform job placement and coaching as well as provide supported employment through the SLS Waiver. The employment specialists at FSL work with job seekers to assist them in determining their vocational goal, write a resume and cover letter, and to develop a list of references. Through interviewing the client, the specialist then searches for appropriate jobs, and contacts employers in the community to assist in matching the job seeker with jobs that best match their interests, skills and abilities to work to their highest potential.

Job placement and job coaching are available to assist the new employee to become familiar with their job tasks and to become proficient at all job duties. Long term support is available to those needing Supported Employment.

If you are interested in using our employment specialists, please inform your counselor at DVR.

If you are interested in discovering your passions and aligning them with job a opportunity in the community, please contact your counselor at Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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