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FSL brings out the possibilities for our daughter.

Foundation for Successful Living (FSL) has made a remarkable difference in our daughter’s life. When she started, we were worried that the activities were too advanced for her. Their attitude of “just try it” and the obvious caring for our daughter, made her do just that. She is more social and says new words almost daily. Thank you FSL for bringing out the possibilities for our daughter!

– Lori & Norm Thom

FSL empowers my daughter live a life of her choosing.

My daughter, a college student living in an apartment near the UCCS campus, has greatly benefited from the services and supports she receives from FSL.  Through FSL, she is learning necessary independent living skills and provided with support to access the community.  FSL has been a collaborative partner to work with and a key component to my daughter being able to live a life of her choosing.

– FSL Parent

FSL helps my son grow and find his place in the community.

Our son loves going to FSL. He looks forward to seeing his friends every day and really enjoys the variety of volunteer activities. The staff is wonderful!  They provide support and encouragement, helping him grow and find his place in the community.

– FSL Parent

FSL staff is the bomb dot com!

​“FSL is a really nice community. I love working with the dogs at the dog rescue. FSL staff has helped me with volunteering and finding a job. The staff here is the BOMB-DOT-COM!!!”
— LH, FSL client

Being able to help others makes me feel great!

​“It’s fun! I like being here with everyone! I like volunteering at Pikes Peak Towers and talking to the seniors there. Being able to help others makes me feel great! I’ve made lots of friends here and everyone here is really kind.”
— TG, FSL client

I’m very happy that I came to FSL.

“At FSL I met some new friends and also got to work in groups doing fun things. I can show people what I can do by helping because I like helping a lot. I’m very happy that I came to FSL to be with the staff and with new staff too. I like to learn about money, spending and saving. I found out that I’m good at sweeping.”
— JW, FSL client

It’s fun here!

“At FSL I get to see my friends. I like counting money and get to be the cashier at bakery. It has helped me with my money skills. I like working with the staff. They are awesome. One staff member teaches me yoga. It helps me work out. It’s fun here.”
— BB, FSL client

This program has made a big impact on my life.

​“My experience at FSL has been excellent because I get to do a lot of volunteering. I learned how to take initiative and it makes me feel good to help others. Everyone has helped me with my money. This program has made a big impact on my life.”
— CL, FSL client

So fortunate to have found FSL!

My son is now 18 years old and is on the Autism Spectrum. It has been a struggle throughout his life to find places where he fits in and is happy. We have found this through Foundation for Successful Living.  We first connected with FSL when he joined the Special Olympics basketball team through them last fall. He had an amazing coach and was able to interact with some wonderful team players.

FSL offered a Healthy Relationships class and a Social Skills class that I have enrolled him in. Relationships and Social Skills are very difficult entities for people with disabilities. As a parent, FSL has kept me informed about the topics that will be/are talked about each week and how the participants reacted or absorbed the information. My son has always been willing to talk about what was presented in class and he felt comfortable in doing this. Being able to learn about these things in a group of his “peers” has been really helpful. I think this class has really prepared him for a future relationship.

One area my son has been deficient in are his social skills. He has been to other classes before involving this,  but I feel he really comes away from this class with tools that he needs to be successful. Most important he is excited to tell me what went on during class and we can talk about what he needs to work on. Again I think being able to be involved in a class with other people who have some of the same challenges has been very comfortable for him. I really appreciate the communication from about what is discussed at each class and about how well she thinks he absorbed the information.

I have been so impressed with FSL and my has enjoyed being a part of them also, that I have chosen FSL to be the program he will attend next school year for transition services.

We feel so fortunate to have discovered FSL and hope to be able to take advantage of other programs and activities they offer in the future.

– FSL Parent

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