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The Landing was established as a community to allow individuals with learning differences and/or autism the opportunity to achieve their highest independence. 

Our mission is to empower individuals to discover their passions, participate in their communities, live their unique purpose, and move toward independence and freedom.

The Landing’s independent living program offers a two-year structured experiential learning opportunity designed to educate through meaningful life experiences. The core services provided by The Landing focus on living supports, vocational training and community engagement.

Discover the Path Toward Living Independently

The path toward living independently starts with a two-year transition program where the individual develops core independent living and vocational skills. At the end of the two-year transition program, individuals are assisted in moving into the community with tailored living and vocational services.

Participants will live in housing with other individuals within The Landing community and participate in core experiential learning opportunities for transition participants.
Participants will continue to expand on the core experiential learning opportunities from year one as they prepare to transition to community living. 
Individuals are responsible for their own lease and services are purchased a la carte to create a custom plan based for each individual based on their unique needs and goals. 


The Transition participants live in housing with other individuals within The Landing community. The two- year transition program runs from August to June with two weeks off in December. Transition participants will return to their home for 7 weeks in the summer. Core experiential learning opportunities are included in the cost of tuition for the two- year transition program.

Some services may be covered by the Medicaid SLS waiver or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. SLS waiver and DVR services can be provided by Foundation for Successful Living, a PASA in the state of Colorado.

Core Experiential Learning Opportunities for Transition Participants


Year 1: Through structured experiential learning opportunities Year 1 transition participants will work toward developing regular routines, such as learning and practicing grocery shopping, budgeting, household chores, managing personal hygiene, and transportation scheduling and use with intensive supports. Year 1 students will also be enrolled in Social Skills classes through Foundation for Successful Living.

Year 2: In year 2, transition participants further develop the ability to perform these tasks independently as they prepare to transition into the community completing the two-year transition program. Year 2 participants will be enrolled in Sexuality Education classes through Foundation for Successful Living.


Year 1: Particpants will work on developing job skills needed for employment through learning and volunteering experiences, resume building and job exploration. If the client is not already enrolled with DVR, The Landing will assist in initiating the process.

Year 2: Participants will focus on employment/workplace readiness training and will continue building on their experience with internships and volunteer opportunities.   These opportunities will provide the skill acquisition needed for employment. If possible, year two participants will participate in supported employment opportunities that the community has to offer.


For Year 1 and Year 2 participants, structured community and social engagements are scheduled throughout the year to provide individuals opportunity to connect with others in the greater community and create natural supports.


During the two-year program, periodic evaluations are performed to gauge each participants progress and level of independence. In the last semester of Year 2, Transition services will assist Community Living participants in finding a place to live and setting up continued services as needed.

Community Living

In Community Living, individuals are responsible for their own lease and services are purchased a la carte to create a custom plan for each participant based upon their unique needs and goals. Once an individual moves into the Community Living program, they can purchase a social membership which allows them to participate in the social activities at The Landing.

  • Living supports
  • Vocational Training
  • Access to 24/7 crisis intervention
  • Transportation training
  • Tutoring for Executive Functioning Skills
  • Social Club Membership
  • Appointment support
  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Grocery and Personal Shopping

Admission Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Individual does not have substance related, schizophrenia, or other psychotic disorder or certain bipolar disorders
  • Does not require 24-hour supervision (must have some community alone time)
  • Does not require physical assistance with personal hygiene
  • Does not require assistance with daily medical or nursing type intervention. Must be able to take all medications with reminders only
  • Does not exhibit behaviors that would be a threat to self or others
  • Demonstrates the potential to live independently in their own home with minimal supports

The Landing is now open!

Please contact our admissions office at 719-227-3939 to find out more information about the admission process and how you can live a life of freedom and independence. 

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