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Foundation for Successful Living provides programs that support individuals with developmental disabilities and Autism. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in our programs, please contact us at 719-227-3939.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy programs at FSL utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop individualized programs or treatment plans that target an individual’s ability to live in their community, attend school and obtain and/or maintain a job.

Our program focuses on individuals aged 14 and up to develop appropriate behaviors and social skills that will allow the individual to participate fully in his/her environment. Therapy is provided in a variety of settings including the community, home, school or work place and day programs. We strive to make lasting change in the lives of our clients by utilizing research based therapy. 

Approaches to Behavior Therapy at FSL include ABA Therapy, Functional Communication Training, social skills both amongst friends and more formal environments such as school or the workplace, and sexuality and dating.

Behavioral Assessments used include but are not limited to Functional Behavior Assessments, Vineland 3, and Assessment of Functional Living Skills.

Behavior Therapy Services Include:

FSL accepts payments under the Medicaid SLS waiver, Medical Medicaid EPSDT, private insurances and private pay.

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